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MERCYWORLDWIDE works together in partnership to maximize efforts to provide relief and care to those in underprivileged conditions, with a special focus on youth.

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Nick Bordieri
Nick Bordieri
CEO / President
Denise Bordieri
Denise Bordieri
Executive Vice President

What People Say...

I think mercy means helping out because of compassion...and not expecting anything in return.
Kari Soto
Kari SotoHilo
If I didn't say it enough, thank you, thank you, thank you. I know The Farm and Garden belong, truly, to Gilpin but I feel a great deal of responsibility for making the grounds a beautiful, usable space for the teachers, parents and students. Your team’s work was beyond words. We completed and started so many projects that are now easier to understand and move forward.
CherylGilpin Public Montessori School
Unlike other groups, you all are very excited, making sure to communicate. You bring a different energy, & are helpful regardless of how exhausted you all might be!
MetrocrestDallas Fort-Wart
 I was encouraged by all of the laughs during BINGO, creative art projects, great food, and new friendships. One aspect that truly touched my heart was to see how so many people communicated with one another.
Jakks Pacific
American Red Cross
Foster Care Counts