Bogota Receives MERCY #DayOfMERCY

Bogota Receives MERCY #DayOfMERCY

Bogota, Colombia – Day of MERCY 2016 

By José Otero

At the Centro Gerontológico Manantial de Vida (Spring of Life Center for the Elderly), for MERCYWORLDWIDE’s International Day of MERCY the ambassadors (volunteers) spent the day with 30 senior citizens that are taken care of at the center. Providing a colombian style tomale breakfast. We also provided each person living there with a care package consisting of tooth paste, a tooth brush, soap and body cream. We also sang songs for them, gave manicures, told stories, donated clothes and cleaning supplies and took them for a walk at a nearby park all with plenty of love and encouragement

Many of the elderly at the center rarely receive visitors and are left alone pretty much all year long. And to have visitors giving them attention and listening to them tell their stories simply lit up their hearts.

Therefore, 40 of MERCYWORLDWIDE’s ambassadors in Bogota engaged the people living at the center totaling 35 elderly and staff and provided a day of love and encouragement.

40 ambassadors x 4 hours totaling 160 volunteer hours.

The MERCYWORLDWIDE Bogota ambassadors are committed not only visiting with these amazing people on The Day of MERCY, but also are arranging with the center to have 10 ambassadors visit monthly throughout the year.

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